Locking Medication Boxes

Wellbeings® Locking Medication Boxes are designed to safeguard prescription medications at home, school, work, or during travel.


  • Secure container to store your medications with a combination lock that is easy to use.
  • Can hold a large number of standard prescription bottles.
  • Stylish with a strong reinforced aluminum exterior and lined with a durable and washable dark interior.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry on road trips, to school, work, vacations, hospital visits, to the Doctor’s office and to the pharmacy.
  • Provides security and safety of medications, especially important for Narcotic Pain Medications (Opioids), Insulin drugs and syringes, Sleeping pills, Rheumatoid & Cancer treatment medications, Anxiety pills, Anti-depressants, Seizure Medications as well as Vitamins and supplements including iron pills..
  • Locking up medications keeps your medical history and the medications you take very private.
  • Restricting access to prescription medications helps to reduce diversion and abuse of prescription drugs, in the home or in a care facility.

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