Parents Beware – Medications and the Risk to Children

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare - stumbling upon a child unconscious from an apparent ingestion of medications. Now the clock starts and every minute counts. Who do you contact? 911? Poison Control? Might we suggest 911 and let the operator connect with whoever else may be necessary to help in this situation. To do otherwise…
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Wellbeings own line of Locking Medication Boxes!

Wellbeings Medical Products Inc., the retail products division of Wellbeings, now offers Locking Medications Boxes for sale on line and through direct orders. It’s the perfect solution to concerns about deterring access medications by children and teenagers in the home. It’s also ideal for restricting access to medications in institutional settings, in home care settings,…
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Features & Benefits

The Wellbeings Medication Lock Box has been developed as a secure solution for keeping medications safely stored at home, in a facility or while traveling. The design and construction of each unit has been carefully researched and engineered to provide the best possible restricted access to medications while also being reliable and easy to use.…
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